Battersea Bartitsu (London, UK)

  • Originally published on the site on Saturday, 11th June 2011

Announcing a new Bartitsu study group based in Battersea, S.W. London. Training is free and interested parties should contact the organisers for details.

Week A (alternate weeks from 19.06.11): “Canonical Bartitsu”Stretching and work with Indian ClubsCanonical Bartitsu – the jiujitsu-based sequences published in Pearson’s MagazineSupplementary jiujitsu techniques from Wm. Garrud’s Complete JiujitsuanDefense dans la RuePugilism (fisticuffs)Sparring

Week B (alternate weeks from 26.06.11): Vigny Canne plus GrapplingStretching and work with Indian ClubsVigny Canne“Closing manoeuvres”, originally published as sequences e.g. “How to Overcome the Advantage of an Assailant who Attacks You with a Stout Stick when You are carrying only a Light cane.” Basically, how to get in close without being hit and apply locks, throws, etc.Grappling, working from Banned From Boxing! by Kirk Lawson.

All participants will need to start with is some form of hand protection for padwork like hand wraps and/or light boxer’s bagwork gloves or MMA gloves. Spare canes are available for participants to use.

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