In the media

Since opening in January 2012, the Bartitsu Club of Chicago and instructor Tony Wolf have been featured in a number of print media, TV and internet news items including:

Tony Wolf interviewed on Bartitsu history and the modern revival movement for the Martial Thoughts blog.

Tony Wolf interviewed on Bartitsu history for the BBC documentary Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting: A History of the Martial Arts in Great Britain.

Tony Wolf interviewed on the subject of the jujitsu-trained Bodyguards of the Suffragette movement, by the BBC World Service radio program.

How to Fight Like a Victorian Gentleman, an article for The Atlantic by journalist Catherine Townsend.

Martial Arts, Victorian Style: Bartitsu at Forteza Fitness Brings Back the Lost Fighting Art of Sherlock Holmes, an article by New City journalist Kristen Micek.

Defensive actions: Reviving old-school fighting techniques to win a full-body workout by Chicago Tribune reporter John Owens, and the accompanying video: Old-school-fitness-becomes-new-trend.

An item on Forteza Fitness and the Bartitsu Club by the 190North! TV magazine show.

Instructor Tony Wolf is featured as an interview subject in the BBC Channel 4 documentary Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting: the Rise of Martial Arts in Britain, discussing the histories of Bartitsu and the Jujitsuffragette bodyguards.


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