The Antagonisticathlon

The Bartitsu Club of Chicago does not include any formal system of grading tests, nor belt ranks.  We are, however, pleased to hold special events, including the trimonthly Antagonisticathlon.  This is a fun and challenging “martial arts obstacle course” in which participants represent Victorian-era adventurers escaping from or defeating gangsters and assassins.  Undertaking the Antagonisticathlon serves as a kind of benchmark of one’s increasing skill in Bartitsu.

Here is a video memoir of our first Antagonisticathlon event, held as a “graduation” for participants in the initial six-week introductory course:

“Antagonisticathlon 2″, held in mid-July 2012:

Highlights from “Antagonisticathlon 3″, interspersed with footage from the Bartitsu School of Arms and Physical Culture, held between September 7-9 2012:

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